Interstellar Nightmare is currently booking a european tour along with Die Infantillerie  (ger) and Legion of Swine (uk) from 10th – 26th of May 2012.

We are looking for shows in Germany/France/Belgium. We´re a travel party of 5 to 6 people in one van, we got our own backline of which most things could be used by other bands as well. we don´t need much, food, a place to sleep and some compensation for our travelling costs.

10.5.12 Hamburg (D) – Gängeviertel
11.5.12 Leipzig (D) -Interstellar Nightmare @ Noise Fest/ Zoro
12.5.12 Leipzig (D) – Infantillerie & L.o.S. @ Noise Fest/ Zoro
13.5.12  –  help needed!!!
14.5.12  –  help needed!!!
15.5.12 Bourg En Bresse (F) – tba
16.5.12  –  help needed!!!
17.5.12 Nancy (F) – tba
18.5.12 Paris (F) – Cantine de Belleville
19.5.12  –  help needed!!!
20.5.12  –  help needed!!!
21.5.12  –  help needed!!!
22.5.12 Amiens (F) – L’Accueil Froid
23.5.12 Lille (F) – tba
24.5.12 Amsterdam (NL) – OCCII
25.5.12 Leiden (NL) – SUB071 @ Multipleks
26.5.12 Tilburg (NL) – tba

please redirect this info to people who could be interested in organizing a show, or drop us a line if you like to help us out: lofiscifi(at)web(dot)de

any kind of help is highly appreciated